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During the year 1428 AH (2007 AD) Australia witnessed the birth of Alfajr Quran Institute in Sydney, with the vision of “preparing an elite of Quran custodians, licensed in Quran recitation in the Australian Muslim community”. With this foundation, ten categories of work were identified, including a focus category from that day to: “create a permanent annual competition for Quran memorization and recitation, and to participate in international competitions.”

And today …

Here we start( In the name and with the blessing of Allah) this project to preserve the Holy Quran through Quran competitions, activities and programs related to memorizing, reading and understanding the Holy Quran. The management of the Alfajr Quran Institute established the Australian International Quran Competition as an annual competition that aspires to be:

A permanent institution working throughout the year, which preserve the Holy Quran and Muslims in the Australian and Asian (Australasia) territory, to encourage the memorization and recitation of the Quran and to advocate the Sciences of the Quran amongst all people.

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