About AIQC

The Australian international Quranic Competition (AIQC) is a permanent institution working towards the implementation of the Holy Quran within the hearts of all Muslims in Australia and Asia. It aims to encourage the memorization and recitation of the Quran and to advocate the Sciences of the Quran amongst all people.


Competition Hopes and Mission

1. To create a culture of Quran amongst Muslims within Australia and Asia, and to unite them under the book of Allah.

2. To kindle an interest and emotional attachment towards the Holy Quran within males and females in the Muslim Communities.

3. To promote the memorization, reading and recital of the Quran within Muslim communities

4. To develop the means and methods adopted in the teaching of the Quran and its memorization to make it more effective and efficient.

5. To strengthen Quran values and ethics amongst the children of Muslim communities in the region and to encourage them to act by its teachings.

6. To search for individuals with a Quranic talent and encourage them to pursue their talent.

7. To foster an interest in teamwork and community participation in the service of the Holy Quran.

8. To communication and cooperate with similar international competition in Islamic countries and encourage Muslim Individuals within the region to participate and compete on global scales.

9. Communicate and cooperate with similar competitions in Western societies including Europe and America.

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