Competition General Conditions

  1. Winners from previous year are not allowed to participate in the same competition category. However they are allowed to participate in a higher category.
  2. The participant must have either Australian Permanent Residency or New Zealand Permanent Residency in order to be allowed to participate in the competition. (Proof of the permanent residency might be required to be presented before entering the exam room).
  3. The competition is open for everyone for all ages
  4. Memorization perfection means:
    • Knowing the order of verses in addition to the knowledge of the start and the end positions of each verse.
    • Taking extra care when pronouncing all the words, such that each letter is pronounced with the right tone (Kasrah, Fathah, Dammah and Shaddah) as appears in the Quran.
    • Avoid adding or omitting any letters or words.
    • Avoid making clear mistakes (omitting and/or adding tone, letter, or words in addition to not applying a known quranic rules).
    • Avoid making non-clear mistakes (not applying the known quranic rule in the right way).
    • Recitation must be based on the recitation of Imam Hafs from Asem.
  5. Recitation perfection means:
    • Pronouncing the letter in the right way.
    • Applying and perfecting the rule of Tajweed (Recitation).
  6. If the contestant makes a mistake in memorization, the jury will alert him/her to correct it and will deduct 0.25 marks. If the mistake is repeated a second alert will be given and extra 0.25 mark will be deducted. In the case that the mistake is not corrected, the jury will correct him/her and deduct an additional 0.5 mark (1 mark in total).
  7. If the contestant stops reciting and forgets the next verse, the jury will correct him/her and will deduct 1 mark.
  8. 0.25 mark will be deducted if a Tajweed rule is missed.
  9. Jury will only alert the contestant if a mistake in memorization occurs.
  10. If the contestant makes a mistake straight away at the beginning of recitation question, the previous rules will still apply.
  11. The contestant will be alerted for clear mistakes and will be considered as a mistake in memorization. Clear mistakes include omitting and/or adding tone, letters, or words.
  12. If the contestant fails to recite from the beginning of a given Surah name, the jury will correct him/her and will deduct 1 mark.
  13. If the contestant forgets the Basmalah, the jury will alert him/her and no marks will be deducted.
  14. If the contestant makes a mistake in Tajweed then he/she corrected the mistake himself/herself, no marks will be deducted.
  15. Contestants will be advice about all essential judgment and marking rules at the first day of competition. The head jury will be responsible for this orientation.
  16. The total mark for each category is 100 marks and divided as follows: 70 marks for memorization, 25 for Tajweed and 5 marks for overall performance and quality of the voice.
  17. The narration (Riwayah) that is approved in the competition and referred against is the narration of Imam Hafs from Imam Aasem.
  18. A candidate in must not be less than 4 years of age on the 15th of April in the year they are contesting in. 
  19. A candidate should not be a famous reciter or known of his or her Tajweed professionalism or known to be already a memoriser of Quran (Hafiz).
  20. A candidate in the competition must be known to be of good behaviour, moral character, and be committed to Islamic morals and modest dress codes.
  21. A candidate should not be a member of the management committees of neither the competition nor the Dawn Quranic Institute.
  1. A candidate in a category may not be:
  • Of those who participated in the same category in the past and scored as one of the top ten.
  • Of those who were in the top ten winners in the next higher category in the previous year.