AIQC  winners for 2014

Whole Quran
Jamal-Ud-Din El-Kiki (First,Sydney)
Abdullah Mawar (Second,Melbourne)
Abdulrahman Mawar (Third,Sydney)

Fifteen Juz’
Mohammad Al Ahdab (First,Sydney)
Jobaida    Ali (Second,Melbourne)
zaineb iqbal (Third,Melbourne)

Five Juz’
Fatima Abdullahi (First,Adelaide)
Mymoonah Abdul-Rahman (Second,Melbourne)
Maghfirah Mohammed (Third,Melbourne)

Two Juz’
Yousef Hussien (First,Sydney)
Hashim Nahya (Second,Sydney)
Mohammad Qadri (Third,Sydney)
Zahra Sultan (Fourth,Sydney)
Ayesha Mohsin (Fifth,Melbourne)


The next competition will be held this year in 2016 insha’a Allah. The exact dates and locations will be released a later stage on the AIQC website.

We encourage all participants to participate this year to improve their recitation skills (Tajweed).

We encourage all participants to participate next time and improve their recitation skills (Tajweed) by enrolling at The Dawn Quranic Institute (

Competition general conditions is updated here.