Foundation Projects

The Dawn Quranic Institute has formed a management committee embarking on the establishment of the  Australian International Quranic Competition and to establish its basis through the following key projects:

First Project

The creation of an interactive website that provides necessary information about the Competition and registration procedures. It also aims at providing a range of tools and utilities that help in the memorization of the Quran, understanding it, recitation and the support of the contestants. This site is intended to be a forum for contestants and interested people, and a forum for their social networking in the region and across the world.

Second Project:

Organise a special department that is responsible for managing events, lectures, seminars, research and studies related to Quranic Sciences and the scientific miracles within it. The objective of this Department is to establish an Annual Scientific Quranic Forum by inviting scholars, specialists, researchers, preachers and reciters who are interested in the fields of Recitation, Intonation and Quranic Scientific miracles from outside and from within Australia. This Forum will aim at spreading Quranic Sciences in the region, link Muslim communities in the region with Quran scientists and educate the Muslim and non-Muslim public, school students and interested people in Quran sciences. The Forum will accompany the annual celebration to award the prizes of the Australian International Quranic Competition.

Third Project:

Organise a permanent unit as a team of volunteers who will be entrusted to carry out administrative and logistics work, and duties of communication and organisation during the competition examinations. The duties will include, Allah willing, media support, coordination of the awarding ceremonies and hosting the contestants and guests.

Fourth Project:

The establishment of various competition categories, the rules of competition, refereeing and the referee committees. This project will cover the development of participation conditions, competition ethics, refereeing rules, winning rules, and requirements and expectations of referees. It will also determine the different needs of the competition categories in terms of administrative, scientific and media support. The refereeing rules is a set of special rules that control the examination process in terms of the number and selection of questions, evaluation criteria, allocation of marks and so forth.